Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teaching at the University of Miami (& writing again)

I've just returned from my trip to Miami, where I taught an undergraduate and a graduate course on self-publishing and book making, focusing on chapbooks, page layouts, and the politics of publishing within a specific community. 

I stayed with Walter Lew, who was also responsible for presenting me with the opportunity in the first place. Borrowing from the New York Center for Book Arts, as well as my own extensive collection, I hauled down with me a vast variety of chapbooks and book models. Several such models were constructed in class, and each was discussed. 

In short, it went quite well, and I hope to post some of my class notes in subsequent entries. Walter & I also took the opportunity to have several in depth discussions about movietelling, and, more specifically, potential directions for shadoWord productions. Thoughts concerning these discussion will also be present in soon-to-be posted subsequent entries. 

As a final note, I've begun working on a chapbook of my own. The working (& potentially permanent title) is "MIAMI Anxiety & SENSE." I haven't written anything new in more than a few months. This somewhat lengthy work has been and will continue to be a divergence from nearly all of my previous directions, with the exception of some of the themes I began to tamper with just prior to my no longer writing. If anything, I promise it to be very fresh and new. Stay tuned. 

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