Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newly Published Issue of Pinstripe Fedora

Issue #3 of online poetry journal, Pinstripe Fedora, edited by Michael Crake, contains Masticatorial, 1 of 8 memorandums from my longer work, Autographography. I recently read Masticatorial at the Zinc Bar Poetry Series (founded by Joe Eliot and hosted by Douglas Rothschild). I haven't made much of an effort to read out loud since leaving my graduate program, but I was pleased with the response, especially to Masticatorial. 




really cool piece. excellent texture. your website is really nice too. i want to buy some of your print vessels. please tell me how.

Jeremy James Thompson said...

Thank you. I do love texture. Following a suggestion by J.D. Mitchell, a good friend of mine, I began looking into Lamination Colony. I can appreciate your "put an x in the subject line" proposal. I thought of taking you up on it, but I don't write much in the way of stories. Aside from that, I always relish the opportunity to be misrepresented. As far as my print vessels are concerned. Let me know what your interested in, and we'll work something out. You can email me at


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