Friday, April 25, 2008

Recent Discoveries on The Internet

In a recent post, I mentioned Cicero along side Tao Lin and Zachary German. Actually, all I did was mention Cicero, focusing my comments on German and Lin. Since, I've been frequently reading Cicero's blog, which he updates often. Reading his broad generalizing posts about current politics/ economics has been cathartic. He writes in a frenzied way: quick, spasmodic, sincere. Witness some Cicero insights I've recently enjoyed:
-Another problem in the American economy is that are not enough jobs, but with our technological resources we can still make plenty of shit.
-There are so many design problems in capitalism, I'm not even sure how they did it.
-We are using a lot of our fields to feed animals. Which I think is fucking stupid.
-There are fields [in] every [state ?] in America that could grow shit. 
Also see his Capitalism Video Blog.

2. Geof Huth's Fidgetglyphs & found text on Vacation

Geof Huth is a visual poetics guru. As Autotypographer, I am excited by search for word shapes in the world, and his creation of text shapes within his immediate environments. Recently, he's travelled south, waxing his own brand of poetics (Fidgetglyphs) in the sands of Floridian beaches, and archiving textual events (graffiti, ephemera) on the walls and floors of Louisiana. Witness a Fidgetglyph: 

“searead,” Blind Pass Park, Manasota Key, Englewood, Florida (18 April 2008)

Allegedly, there is only one recorded incident of Jesus Christ writing anything down. We don't know what he wrote, but he wrote it in the sand, and it made the Pharasies run off. Christ made a Fidgetglyph.

3.Stan Apps on the upcoming Conference on Conceptual Poetry at the University of Arizona

I first learned about Stan Apps through William Moor, a poet whose work & opinion I respect very much. William respects Stan & his work. So I read Stan's work, starting with "info ration," a book which I now feel should be a staple in graduate poetics workshops. Stan Apps' blog leaves little room for frivolity; his posts range from the occasional to poem, to the more frequent lengthy critique or investigation of an author, text or event. A lot of poets just putz around on their blogs. He doesn't putz around. A recent post of his, The Purity Racket, investigates the possible reasonings behind & ramifications of the upcoming Conference on Conceptual Poetry at U of A. This is of particular interest to me, as I've recently written several posts in regard to the issue(s) of Conceptual Poetics as they pertain to Kenneth Goldsmith. His posts also brought comments from Mark Wallace, and the exchange that follows between Apps and Wallace is as on topic and valuable as the post itself. Witness excerpts:

-Now, I have many faults, both aesthetically and personally, but I draw the line at any involvement in the pure poetry racket, which is the ultimate ivory tower scam as far as poetry goes. -Apps
-Apart the purity rhetoric, Uncreative Writing is a fascinating thing. -Apps
-Is this conference just a big joke (i.e. a poker-faced provocation) that Goldsmith and a few others are playing on a group of academics? -Apps
-The con-artist has a long lineage in literature. -Wallace

4. Other Notable Notes

- Blake Butler writes and reads thousands of words regularly. How?
- Linh Dinh's blog is a DOOMSDAY news reel with poems for comic relief. Nerve-wracking to read. Hard to stop reading.
- Angela Genusa uses free internet tools in unlikely & improved ways.


brian salchert said...

04/29/08 Linh Dinh has been
keeping me so busy recently,
I feel like a nervous tiger.
Today I just gave up and posted a
link to his blog after reading
two doomsday-related articles.
Also posted a link to John Latta's as
his post relates a dark historical
logging story which parallels
those at Detainees.
Thanks for the Noah Cicero and
the Stan Apps information. I
somehow missed Stan's post, and
Noah Cicero is new to me.

Jeremy James Thompson said...


I just realized that this post had a comment on it. I'm sorry for not noticing it earlier. For some reason, I only get email about people commenting after I've commented.

I'm glad this post of discoveries was valuable. It seems to have benefitted a few people. I hope to continue doing similar posts, as I am always astounded with what I discover on many of the blogs I read, and I'm always certain such discoveries would be appreciated elsewhere.

It's strange, I've been following your blog for a while, but can't remember where I originally came across it. Judging by your posts' concerns, I think we share a decent portion of similar fascinations, interests & priorities.

I have a difficult time imagining a nervous tiger.


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