Monday, April 21, 2008

Early Frame for a Difficult Poem

I am thinking now about the difficulty of everyone, how nearby strangers are, and how it's wrong to feel crowded.  On the train, for example, you should share the floor-to-ceiling hand-poles with the hands of other passengers. You place your hand somewhere along the pole, and others will place their hands above or below it. When I walk onto the train and hands are already stacked up and down the pole, I hate having to find a place for my own.

I am thinking now about the difficulty of someone. He speaks too loudly. He wears a style of clothing cultivated first by poverty, then by freedom from poverty through crime, and then by the excess of unwarranted wealth.  He is always nearby and it is wrong to feel crowded by him.

A paragraph of uncharitable meanings, I am surrounded by the margins.

I know that I am thinking about the difficulty of everyone; we could use less.

Auxiliary Thoughts for a Global Supplement

Terror should not be a thing we have to understand; terror rejects the difficulty of everyone.

There are radical Muslims who turn deserts into the last bastions of immovable ideas.In my country we are free from immovable ideas. Our thoughts are soft-lined, we pray for all the dead.

I agree about the climate changing, hoping our diminishing returns.

Some futures cannot be inhabited: the internet, so much better than the tower of Babel, is not a habitat. 

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