Friday, September 17, 2010

putt-putt gulf water park combo

I'm up the neighborhood.
Oh yeah.
Back up the barbershop.
Pole dancing on the candy cane.
Try the #1 #2 #3 FADE.
Give it to me so I can look fresh.
Spanking new. I'm going to war.
Spartacus. Stallone. Whenever.


The basket on my bicycle rattles as I ride.
I hear my haircut looking down at the basket bounce.

Lemonade Flash!
Play Money!
Federal Spending!

Let's relax. Let's talk. If the music is soft
I spit out my gum.
Tired of chewing, I find people willing.
To the dirt on Dauphine I say
you John Lee Hooker.
Now let me brood over your horrible day.

Orange Juice & Asphalt.
Pulp Friction.

Grand Opening tomorrow.
Back by popular demand.

There's this postscript.
Cousin mosquito sucks.
To wit. Slap Stuck.

Get it?
The evening sun goes down.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog while looking for people living in New Orleans, and I love reading your poetry. I also love reading this other recent transplant to NoLa. I believe he is a poet as well? Anyway, I am anonymously linking you to his blog because, who knows, maybe something interesting will happen.

Good luck in the Big Easy, I am moving there in 9 months! In the meantime I'll enjoy reading about your transition. Angela G.

ingrid said...

You're living in New Orleans!!
Good good good!

Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson said...

Angela G.,

Would that be Angela Genusa? Either way, thanks for the tip. And thanks for reading. I'm putting together a database of New Orleans poets, readings, publications, presses, etc. So I appreciate it. Get in touch when you move to town.


Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson said...


Wow, it's been ages. How the hell are you?
Yes, I'm living here. Actually, I still recount some of the stories you told me from your time here... mugging stories, ghosts stories...

I've been here just over two months, and it is and will be home. I am carving out a new life in a city that has always felt like my final destination. The circumstances through which I arrived here are terrible, as you might have gathered, but my being here is the best possible cure. I hope you'll come on down at some point. I'd be happy to put up you and whoever you wish to bring along in my front room.

Are you in Santa Barbara? What are you up to? How's your art practice?

All the Very Best,

Anonymous said...

No, not Genusa. Just some random reader. I look forward to your database and good luck on your reading! If anyone covers the event, post a link! I'd be interested to see what the discussion will entail...I too find it fascinating that so many literary people are fleeing New York and other major cities for New Orleans. But I think it's fairly obvious why. A.G.


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