Tuesday, May 18, 2010

P||R||O||J||E||C||T||I||O||N||S Premier, May 16

he premier event of P||R||O||J||E||C||T||I||O||N||S, a series curated by Paolo Javier and myself, was held at The Bowery Poetry Club on Sunday night, May 16.

The introduction to the series:

This performance series is an active intersection between moving text and moving image:

1. text moving sonically through space

2. image moving on the surface of a screen

The fundamental scenario presents one or more present persons utilizing words &/or sounds &/or movement to mediate both spatially and conceptually between images on a screen and a live audience.

Historical practices related to this series:

Benshi (Japan), PyƓnsa (Korea), Benzi (Taiwan), Gavrilov Translations (USSR), Lector (Poland)

Contemporary practices related to this series:

Movietelling, Neo-Benshi, Voiceover, Redubbing, Gag Dub, Resubtitling

In the last 5 years, these practices have emerged in clusters throughout the world, owing in part to practitioners’ frustrations with the limitations of certain mediums, and in part to the collective social urge to confront and appropriate the onslaught of information and media that now overwhelms us.

Our hope is that this series might become a hub, an intersection for practitioners already stretching and breaking the bounds within their own mediums and communities. We will showcase poets, film-makers, musicians, performance artists, scholars, critics, editors, and other producers and managers of meaning and form.

For more information on this series, please see the P||R||O||J||E||C||T||I||O||N||S Facebook page.

Also, Nada Gordon has written a wonderful review of the premier.

The next event in the series will be held on June 20.

Featuring the following Practitioners:

Danny Snelson

James Copeland

Kate Eichhorn

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