Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poetry Search, Part 2: 103 Map Search Results for Poetry Characterized Differently by an Assortment of Commonly Associated Adjectives

Task: Search for the word "poetry" preceded by various adjectives that are often used in conjunction with it.

Technique: This map is created by saving to Google My Maps the first location listed after having performed a location search for the word "poetry" preceded by an adjective. In every case, the words are paired together and placed between quotation marks. Example: "good poetry"

Duration: 10:25 pm – 11:17 pm

Date: May 24, 2010

Search Engine: Google Map Search

Browser: Safari 4.0.5

View Places for Poetry in a larger map for easier navigation.

Following the link above or any of the links below will open the public map "Places for Poetry."

The following 84 of 103 searches issued results:

absurdist poetry

academic poetry

accessible poetry

amateur poetry

anthologized poetry

award-winning poetry

bad poetry

basic poetry

beat poetry

best poetry

best selling poetry

boring poetry

challenging poetry

cheap poetry

classical poetry

classic poetry

conceptual poetry

concrete poetry

confessional poetry

contemporary poetry

cool poetry

creative poetry

dadaist poetry

easy poetry

ethnic poetry

experimental poetry

fake poetry

famous poetry

favorite poetry

feminist poetry

flarf poetry

found poetry

future poetry

futurist poetry

good poetry

great poetry

hypertextual poetry

imagist poetry

important poetry

infamous poetry

language poetry

love poetry

major poetry

meaningful poetry

mfa poetry

modernist poetry

modern poetry

multicultural poetry

new poetry

normal poetry

old poetry

philosophical poetry


political poetry

popular poetry

postcolonial poetry

powerful poetry

practical poetry

professional poetry

published poetry

rare poetry

real poetry

recent poetry

religious poetry

renaissance poetry

romantic poetry

self-published poetry

serious poetry

silly poetry

slam poetry

small press poetry

spiritual poetry

strange poetry

street poetry

student poetry

surrealist poetry

symbolist poetry

true poetry

universal poetry

unpublished poetry

visual poetry

weak poetry

workshop poetry

written poetry

Google responds, “We could not understand the location” for the following 19 searches:

conceptualist poetry

confessionalist poetry

expensive poetry

gurlesque poetry

instructional poetry

least favorite poetry

meaningless poetry

neoformalist poetry

objectivist poetry

oulipo poetry

projectivist poetry

quietist poetry

stolen poetry

theoretical poetry

transcendental poetry

trendy poetry

uncreative poetry

unpopular poetry

vispo poetry

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