Monday, April 12, 2010

PoetHero®: Better Reading Through Gaming

PoetHero, Be a Poet... GamePlaying from Carlos González Tardón on Vimeo.

Another show stopper from Carlos Gonzalez Tardon.

Based on GuitarHero and the countless Hero/Dance games that followed, PoetHero® is possibly the best way to read a poem!

What Gertrude Stein went to great lengths to accomplish, PoetHero® can do in just a few weeks of daily gameplay: PoetHero® is the ultimate tool for generating reader attentiveness!

Re-wiring for re-reading!

Now available on PoetHero® Gaming System, PS3, XBox 360, Wii, iPad, iPhone, Android, PSP, & Nintendo DS!

A glimpse of what's coming your way:

PoetHero® Romanticists® (Rely on intuition and natural emotion to recreate images of the sublime!)

PoetHero® Transcendentalists® (Rated Teen for excessive metaphors, obscurity for obscurity's sake, and mysticism.)

PoetHero® Symbolists® (Rated Adults Only 18+ for the authors' associations with crime, homosexuality, and nefarious worlds.)

PoetHero® Modernists® (Includes Ezra Pound's Tips & Tricks Guide!)

PoetHero® Imagists® (Beat the game to learn the true essence of things!)

PoetHero® Objectivists® (Now no longer subject to critical neglect!)

PoetHero® Beats® (PoetHero® discourages the use of amphetamines, hallucinogens, and open emotion.)

PoetHero® Confessionalists® (Rated Mature 17+ for detailed personal accounts of illness, sexuality, and despondence.)

PoetHero® Projectivists® (Use the PoetHero® Olsonizer® (not included) to determine your breath line!)

PoetHero® SF Renaissance® (A group of poets in San Francisco or a consciousness-altering poetic movement... you decide!)

PoetHero® SLAM® (With the PoetHero® Slamicrophone® you can SLAM along!)

PoetHero® Quietists® (Though all included poems are autonomous and authentic, PoetHero® is not responsible should you not identify with the poems.)

PoetHero® Neoformalists® (An endless horde of rhyming meaningful aesthetics to choose from!)

PoetHero® L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E® (Play in Customizable Reader- or Author-preferred poem interpretation settings!)

In the works for 2012:

PoetHero® Multiculturalists, Multilinguists & Postcolonialists® (Includes automatic translator!)

PoetHero® Dadaists, Futurists, Absurdists, Surrealists & Vorticists® (All in one game!)

PoetHero® Oulipo® (Additional Constraints are available in our Extended Play Pack!)

PoetHero® Transrealists® (Soon to be a Major SciFi Motion Picture!)

And don't forget our contemporary series:

PoetHero® PoLangPo® (An introduction to the lasting effects of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E on contemporary poetics!)

PoetHero®® (The Popular Must-Read RSS Feed for Poets is one of our Best Selling Games!)

PoetHero® Flarfists® (Must have PoetHero® Gaming System V.2 with Internet Connection!)

PoetHero® Conceptualists® (Given the size of this game, it is not available to play, but you can read about it online!)

PoetHero® MFA FUBU® (Includes Multiplayer Workshop Mode! Sign on with your Student ID! Look for special offers on your University's Listserv!)

PoetHero® More Quietists® (Over twice as many Quietists as our original release, so you're bound to find something you identify with!) (Though all included poems are autonomous and authentic, PoetHero® is not responsible should you not identify with the poems.)

PoetHero® Pluralaestheticians® (Now you can learn performance, math, charts, science, computers, languages and Poetry too!)

PoetHero® Infra-Verbalists® (This introduction, which includes Joyce's Thunderwords and Cummings's colloquial jamming, will prepare you for the eventual release of PwoermdHero®!)

PoetHero® Hypertextualists® (Including click-through word-links for more Multipage Browser Action!)

And coming just in time for Christmas, the folks at PoetHero® Gaming are pleased to announce:

VisPoHero® (Colors! Shapes! & Words! Narrated by guest designer, Geof Huth.)

Now accepting submissions for PoetHero® Hypertextualists® & VisPoHero®!


PoetHero®: Better Reading Through Gaming


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IS VERY GOOD..............................

Carlos said...

Thanks... I´m working in your modification ;)


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