Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Faceerasure #1

Blackface twin reverb demo

A few super reverbs

6L6 Groove Tube

The vintage sound

Twins become the new classic we know today

Super Reverb Deluxe Reverb Vibroverb


Very Rare Better Coils & Transformers output Tranny

That Leo used when he ran out of Schumacher Trannies. Slightly

Dual Showman Twin Hum Half a Twin

Replica of the Blackface Super Reverb

What’s a twin reverb with a silver face worth?

Reverb Reissue Custom Cosmetic Features Were Retained

Blackface-style normal channel and thick

Boogie Hiwatt Maestro Echoplex Deluxe Super lead

Showman Power

Tilt-back legs and blackface cosmetics

This is it the classic sound modified to blackface specs


Danny Snelson said...

JJFT: Fabulous-wonderful new site design &love this clip dearly. Carry on the work, good chaplain.


Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson said...

J. Henry Chunko was certainly an inspiration.


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