Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Charles Bernstein's Every True Religion is Bound to Fail

I've finally forced the broadside onto the internet. It's up at Bernstein's blog, as well as included in Ron Silliman's recent list of links

Read about the collaborative manufacturing of the broadside: here.
Read about Bernstein's reading at the event the broadside was produced for: here.

Click image for full-scale version. 


Providence said...

I'd like to procure a copy of the broadside, if possible. How do?

Jeremy James Thompson said...

The most direct way would be to contact Sarah Nichols at the Center for Book Arts. Email:

Let her know that you are interested in purchasing a copy of the recent Bernstein broadside. I believe they are selling them for $10 or $15 dollars.

They should be able to package it well, & mail it off to you directly.

And thank you for your interest.


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