Monday, June 23, 2008

Radio Ceptuetics: no nonsense noncepts

Ceptuetics, hosted by Kareem Estefan, has recently become my favorite radio talkshow series to download & listen to at work and in transit.

Avant-garde poetry readings/ interviews every Wednesday night from 7:30-8:00 on WNYU 89.1FM in the NYC tri-state area and worldwide, or directly through iTunes (Radio--> eclectic-->WNYU)

As interviewer and host, Kareem is both confident and calm, presenting each guest with simply stated questions, which seem to always result in responses that illuminate fundamental aspects of the poets' processes and mechanisms. The half hour is more well spent than many 3 hour lectures I received in college.

Of those I've listened to so far, I recommend the episodes with Ara Shirinyan, Marie Buck, Rob Fitterman, and Danny Snelson.

Shirinyan reads from his Syria is in the World, an especially jaring poem for me, the son of a transient missionary, spening much of my childhood in foreign countries for only weeks at a time.

Buck is very well spoken, managing not only to compose intricate texts, but to articulate their production process in an equally impressive way.

Fitterman kicks of the inagural episode, which is appropriate, as he spends his time discussing appropriated language, a phenomenon or device that acts as a relatively common thread amongst the poets and poetics of the following episodes.

Snelson, whom I recently met at the Charles Bernstein reading, reads/performs another variation of my Dear coUntess, a sometimes video sometimes audio cut-up drawing from a vast pool of avantist' source material: Goldsmith, Stein, Mac Low, Paik, and many many more.

These and other Ceptuetics episodes are available for download at Penn Sound.

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