Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Books You May Have Recommended Thanks

I haven't purchased a new book in months, having mostly survived off of internet reading (for news, debate, and poetry). But because of an influx of recommendations, I spent some savings on the following books:
(I'll add that most of these recommendations came from blogs I've been reading, or directly from the blogs' authors.)

Donald Barthelme, Sixty Stories

Linh Dinh, Blood And Soap  & Jam Alerts

Paolo Javier, 60 Iv bo(e)mbs

Geof Huth (editor), Ampersand Squared: an/thology of pwoermds

Tao Lin, you are a little bit happier than i am

Rita Wong, forage

Juliana Spahr, The Transformation

Kent Johnson, Epigramititis: 118 Living American Poets

Rodney Koeneke, Musee Mechanique

Eugene Ostashevsky, Enter Morris Imposternak, Pursued by Ironies

Aleksandr Skidan, RED SHIFTING

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