Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mayakovsky, Printing Bernstein, Avant-Teaching, & Poetry Hate

Masha & I went to MOMA to see/hear readings of Mayakovsky. The best readings were delivered by  Ethan Hawke & Clement Joseph. They both aspired toward Vladimir's BOOMING Vox Populi. 

He was a romantic poet politico, a loving fighter. He was not an anti-war poet. Sometimes liberal, sometimes libertine, but also responsible, situating his poems beneath the weight of the revolution (sometimes crushed by it). I don't know any revolutionary poets today. I don't know any revolutionaries today. There won't be any revolt today. Go home. 


I'm designing a complicated broadside for a new Charles Bernstein poem. I've employed five collaborators: poets who've aggressively annotated the poem &/or its parts. The broadside will be largely comprised of these annotations, surrounding the poem. 


I'll be teaching (Print)making the Avant-Garde at The Center for Book Arts in just a few weeks. (Though it is in danger of cancellation if there aren't enough students in the class). This weekend course is a modified & extended version of the workshop(s) I taught as a Fellow at Mills College. 


In somewhat local news, Stan Apps links to a piece of "poetry hateration" from the Brooklyn Rail, followed by his own remarks. I'll spin it for you thus: the article basically suggests that the old avant-garde IS the only avant-garde, & everyone else is wasting everyone's time. 





looking forward to the broadside, you are busy i like said...

Hi. I agree with you about the Mayakovsky readings. Ethan Hawke was really good, as was Campbell Scott at the Bowery Poetry Club.I think you'll be interested in the website for a new novel Reconstructing Mayakovsky. The site,
is fun, inventive and interactive. Like the novel, it combines elements of science fiction, poetry, the detective story and historical fiction to tell the story of Mayakovsky in a radically different way.
If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll share it with your friends or on your blog. Thanks.


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