Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goldsmith vs. German: a private speech or stalking robert

I found an interesting intersection, a place for comparisons to be made:

The intersection between Kenneth Goldsmith's pieces Fidget & Soliloquy and Zachary German's Eat When You Feel Sad.

Their similarities of form(s) are most immediately recognizable: linear transcripts of activity, as if in a record or journal, both stripped down to each's subjective essentials. 

The thought of parsing their differences is daunting. I want to at some point begin with an investigation into the brokenness of the line between conceptual poetry and conceptual narrative, the line between conceptualism and lyricism, the line around concepts and poems, the lines intersecting the knowledge of what is written inside unopened conceptual books and the casual impersonal rendering of personal events. Basically, I'll have to invent, misapply and damage certain terminologies and distinctions. Basically, I'll have to confess how I feel about them by using very new distinctions. I want to at some point elaborate and then simplify: two separate parasitic demonstrations. 


Cultstatus said...

Can you write more about how when bloggers write about how they don't like Zachary German's writing he posts that they are faggots?

It's ironic though.

I'm interested.

Jeremy James Thompson said...


I like that Zachary German writes so much of the same thing. Sometimes I like what he writes. And sometimes I skip dozens of his lines, under the impression that he probably doesn't care either way.

Is anything specifically offensive about being called a faggot in response to something completely unrelated to one's sexual proclivities? Perhaps German has decided that folks who don't like his writing are faggots. His audience is clearly non-faggot, perhaps.

I hope it's not ironic. I dislike irony. It's like lying, but worse.

Your blog is frustratingly pointless.


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